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Welcome to DVD Transfer

At DVD Transfer we can transfer your home movies, digital pictures, photos, negatives, 35 mm slides or documents to a DVD.

Transferring your precious memories to DVD has many benefits.
  • Preserve your memories on a professional DVD in digital so that they will last the test of time and so you can view them with ease at any time.

  • Share your videos or pictures with friends or overseas relatives.

  • Order an extra copy and store one in a safe place in case of fire or theft.
Country and interstate clients, please call our office on:
(08) 8223 3366

for a quotation and post in your movies. If you have more than one tape or film then please number them in the order you wish them to be viewed on DVD or Video. For a small fee we shall return your movies and new DVD via professional courier.

Overseas clients, please contact us via email: so that we can discuss your requirements. We shall return your movies and new DVD via registered post.
Documents on a DVD?

A single sided document when scanned takes approx 20 kilobytes of information. This means you can store approx 225,000 single sided documents on a DVD.

These scanned documents would retain enough detail to print a copy from the DVD.

Using high speed scanners we can scan documents at a rate of approx: 70-90 pages per minute.

Enquire now for our pricing on scanning documents and storing on a DVD.

CineFilm on a DVD?
Many people have boxes of old 8mm or Super8 home movies that were taken back in the 60's or 70's prior to Video and DVD. These films will deteriorate as time goes by until they are brittle and beyond salvage.

At DVD Transfer we start by cleaning and conditioning the film using a very special film product only available from the USA, this restores brittle old film almost back to the original state. After this we check existing splices which are the first to deteriorate over time. We then replace any broken or bad splices and we add any missing leader tape to make sure we are able to transfer as much film as possible.

Do not trust your precious old movies to people or companies that do not know how to handle these types of films.
We offer the following services: Now is a great time to gather your home videos and photos and get them on to DVD.

Call us now on 08 8223 3366
Home Services Location Contact Us FAQ